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Leading provider of Messaging
& Voice Services in Mideast
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Helping businesses connect with their customers
on their mobile phones for over 10 years, we are a
leading global SMS solution provider that offers a
full spectrum of messaging services and voice

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Meet the demands of your
always-on mobile customers
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While you’re running your marketing campaigns,
you can communicate effectively with your
audience to know their needs and demands
and implement them to deliver the best.

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API’s to integrate with various
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Our APIs are designed in a way that they easily
integrate with any IT application to facilitate
auto-generated SMS messages to get delivered
to the required mobile phones.

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Global Coverage
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Being a truly global bulk SMS service provider,
we cover over 500 networks in more than
150 countries using our robust platform and
reliable telecom partners.

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24 / 7 Support & Monitoring
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Our comprehensive SMS solutions are backed with
excellent technical assistance and customer care
support by dedicated professionals that are ready
assist you with your needs round the clock.

Why a2psms

Engaging with the customers is a crucial aspect of running a business. Keeping the importance of customer engagement and relationship in mind, we combine the latest in mobile technology to help our clients grow their business in the best way possible.

Partnering with us for messaging solutions provides you with

      • Access to powerful, cutting edge platforms that are designed to suit all your business needs
      • Committed 24/7 customer support professionals that are available round the clock handle your queries and issues.
      • A truly global SMS Messaging Solution service provider, that covers over 500 networks in more than 150 countries using a robust cloud platform and reliable telecom connects.

Sms Service Provider

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A Comprehensive range of Solutions, at your fingertips

Web MessagWeb SMSing

Reach your customers located in any corner of the globe instantly through our web to mobile interface. LEARN MORE

sms2Email 2SMS

Harness the familiarity and convenience of any standard email service with the instantaneous power of SMS. LEARN MORE

Simple and Secure APIAPI Integration

Let your software do all the heavy lifting by integrating our mobile messaging API’s into your business today. LEARN MORE

2IVR Voice Solutions

A service platform which allows clients enjoy voice based value added inbound & outbound services. LEARN MORE

4OTP & 2FA

Secure your service authentication and data delivery with our ready to use SMS-based 2-factor authentication solution. LEARN MORE

13Missed Call

Leverage a web-based platform that lets you organize lead generation, instant feedback, voting etc using missed call services. LEARN MORE

SIM CardSIM Hosting

A cost effective service enabling you to access your incoming SMS & send outgoing SMS with a mobile long code number. LEARN MORE

validateVirtual Numbers

Enabling you to receive SMS text messages at high speed (upto 50 SMS/sec), with the reliability of a tier 1 mobile network. LEARN MORE

networkHLR Solutions

Check the status of any GSM numbers to determine its validity, active on which network, ported out or if it is roaming. LEARN MORE

icon1Cloud SMS Platform

A turn-key, cloud-based, multi-channel messaging solution for the messaging industry. LEARN MORE


Optimize customer engagement across various online channels and web applications & boost ROI. LEARN MORE

13Enterprise SMS Connectors

A messaging integrator for businesses in any industry seeking to either add or centralize internal & outbound messaging. LEARN MORE

Deliver SMS globally backed with cloud hosted messaging platform,
with enterprise grade quality, performance and reliability,
Real-time MIS analytics, REST API’s,
and 24/7 support.

How our customers use our platform

Our Medical Industry Clients
uses SMS for Reminder

Our Banking Clients uses
SMS for Two Factor

Our Ecommerce Clients
uses SMS for Order

Our Retail Clients uses
SMS for Promotional

Our Enterprise Clients
integrate into their CRM’s

Our Travel Clients uses SMS
for Ticketing Orders

Our IT Clients uses SMS
for Critical Alerts

Have Questions, Ask a Specialist

Please Contact Us at +971 4 317 7040

Careers with us

a2pSMS is a dynamic and rapidly progressing mobile marketing company based out of Dubai, UAE and operating globally, serving clients and businesses across major markets including Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, Europe, APAC and North America.

As we are constantly growing, we are always looking for creative individuals and professionals to join our dedicated team of employees and get the opportunity to lead and grow in a highly positive and motivating work environment.

Our work culture and environment promotes team work, creativity and innovation. Every new recruit to join our firm and team is provided with an open space to work and is encouraged to make the best use of resources and facilities around.

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